How would you make business marketing plan?

How would you make business marketing plan?

All small and medium scale businesses need one important factor and that is sales. We make several plans to expand our business and one of them is marketing.

Sales process is actually an intelligent game plan where we contact directly with our buyers while marketing is strategy based which targets the group of audience. We will take the example of ‘fishing’ technique and understand the difference between sales and marketing. In sales, you need to set the net for customers, threw it in water and then attract fishes towards the net among others. However in marketing, you need to choose the right time of the day, the right lake, right place for fishing and right bait to attract fishes among others. For success in business expansion, entrepreneur should effectively plan the marketing strategies. Here are some of the tips to make effective sales and marketing plans

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Your marketing plan:

Zero on your ideal customer. Entrepreneur should know his customers well to make your plan a success. You can avoid advertising expenses and make an effective message that will appeal your customers. You need to look for following customer behavior from your clients.

Personality based: Age, income, gender, marital status and business among others

Behavior based: Lifestyle, values, inspiration, social status and ethnicity among others.

You need to write the description of your ideal customer through the characteristics above. Make your marketing message ready. Once you decide your ideal customer, then you will need a striking message to attract customers. The message should lure customers and prompt them for buying. Also, make a spectacular tagline to grab your client’s attention.

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Unique selling proposition (USP): The USP of the company should to be short and easy to understand which will be based on the following points.

1)    You need to understand client’s requirements and solve his problems.

2)    Your solutions will solve their problems and help him in earning profits.

3)    You need to make them understand that how you are different from your competitors.

4)    Give him motivation in such a way that he cannot deny buying your goods and services.

Tagline: Your tagline is shorter version of your USP which diverts your customer’s attention. The language is straight and it is attention seeking. You can make two-three taglines and then choose one after seeking opinions from others. Once your marketing message is decided you can highlight it on the media and all the marketing strategies.

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Marketing Budget: You must decide how much budget you are going to allot for marketing. There are certain low cost ‘guerilla marketing strategies’ available for you. You can spend some part of sales earning on marketing. This is not a magic formula as new entrepreneurs need to provide 10% of their sales earnings on marketing. This way you can adjust your finances without any losses.

Lead Generation strategies: You should include vital factors to reach your audience like referrals, website, direct mail, walk-ins, email and social media among others. Pay-per-click advertisements prove beneficial as it is easier way to target your audience.

Lead tracking and results: To check client’s feedback, you need to focus on getting information of them. You need to use lead tracking system which will track your reasons and results. You can check through lead generation system as to know you reached how many people and how many of them actually became your client. Small and medium scale business use index cards, excel sheet and customer relationship management tools among others.

Sale and marketing strategies: You need to analyze in which way you are going to use marketing techniques in terms of business cards, brochures, postcards and flyers among others.

This way you can view that there are different ways to propose and plan your marketing strategies to make your business successful.